Midlife is not the beginning of the end, but the start of a new beginning in itself.
Your life gets better during midlife. It is a transition period (midlife crisis). Mid lifecrisis an its phases help you to make an easier and smoother transition to accept this natural phase in your life.

It gives you time after a period of reflection to learn how to be and remain happy and healthy again. To fullfill your potential. So your life will be awesome. And you know: You can make your dreams come true.

Either you choose to be happy or you stay unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. It’s up to you. Now you have left behind the denial and anger from the start of your midlife crisis. Your shiny sports car is parked in front of your house. Actually your new outfit is not feeling so comfortable. You ‘d much rather wear your old clothes again but your wife threw them away. She is still angry about your affair with the girl at the office (which lasted only three weeks).
She threathened you with a divorce if it happens again. You wouldn’t dare. It was stupid anyway. And besides, the girl wasn’t that exciting and beautiful, you think now.
You feel everything is still the same. Nothing has changed or has been solved. After all, your current situation is not funny at all.
You still feeli you want to leave everything behind:
your family, your job and your friends. Actually in this fourth phase your situation is more problematic.
Particularly through all the fuss about the new car and your stupid short affair.
You know very well your wife is not the problem. Actually you have a very beautiful, loving wife who has always supported you.

The problem is YOU. How you feel, what you do in this phase of your life.
Why are you unhappy, dissatisfied and do you have the feeling there is nothing to look forward to?
At this moment you feel really worthless. As a result you start quarreling even more often. Yyou are curt, you withdraw in your study, shed or in the attic.

In addition you start worrying and having gloomy thoughts about what the rest of you life will be like.
You don’t sleep well. You toss at night and you can’t get the gloomy thoughts out of your head. When you wake up in the morning you are broken, exhausted. How on earth will you get through the day.? After all you still need to work all day.
All things considered you must confess, that you feel like you are having a depression. It seems your depressed feelings want go away no matter what you do. You start wondering: do I need professional help? This is not normal the way I’m feeling.

But don’t worry: this will also pass. But professional advice will certainly help you to see your life from a different perspective and help you find new goals in life, to be happy and healthy again.

You have almost reached your midlife happiness.

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