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My name is Aafke Dijkstra. I enjoy my work as a Midlife Happiness Expert, Stress counselor and a therapist in many disciplines.

After my career as an HRM advisor, working at different companies and in several lines of business. I wanted to specialize in midlife, midlife happiness, midlife crisis.How to stay happy and healthy in and after midlife.

I chose this specialism is twofold. As an HRM advisor I was confronted with managers and employees, most of them men, having problems in their midlife. I noticed it affected their work, relations and family life. For women in midlife (menopause) there is information in abundance. It is very easy to get help.

To my surprise, little is known about the midlifecrisis of men (andropause). And there is no information, education or support for men in a midlife crisis to help them through this natural transition stage in life. To accept this transition and to learn more about the different stages they may be confronted with.

To be honest, I noticed they are quite surprised this transition exists and has such an impact on their life. Usually they see their doctor, who sends them to hospital for a checkup or puts them on anti-depressants because he doesn’t read the signs of a midlife crisis right.
Then at home, my loving husband -I have been married for 20 years- turned into a person I didn’t know at all. He became distant, withdrawn. Sometimes he got very angry. And he was looking at other women. He changed his outfit, bought a very expensive car and was very hard to handle.

So you can imagine that things heated up at home. I came to the point where I wanted a divorce. Especially when I found out he was seeing a younger woman. This must be a male midlife crisis, I thought. How can I help to solve this for my husband and myself? And also for all those men in midlife working in companies where they don’t have a clue about male midlife crisis. Companies don’t realize how it affects work and output.

So I started specializing on this subject. I put all my knowledge as an HRM advisor, therapist and stress counselor together to help men and their wives in midlife.
From then on Ihave been helping and teaching men and their wives to stay happy and healthy in midlife.

I teach them to see it’s never too late to start over again. To make new choices, to set new goals and have a happy and healthy midlife if they so choose. And you know. It is not difficult once you know what you can and need to do to stay happy and healthy in midlife.

Imagine how wonderful it could be to be happy and healthy, to have new choices and goals in life. To live your life to the full in and after midlife. And yes, my husband and I overcame this period in our life. We are are still happy together and having a wonderful life. It has made us stronger as a couple.

I would love to show you the way to be happy and healthy. To live your life to the full. To keep a happy relationship.

Get to know where you are standing now in your life. It is never too late!


And that action starts with downloading the MIDLIFE CRISIS checklist with the 5 stages of midlife crisis. Your fast track to happiness.

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From here on you can start working on your future. Acceptance and a better, happier and healthier life.

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