Midlife is not the beginning of the end, but the start of a new beginning in itself.
Your life gets better during midlife. It is a transition period (midlife crisis). Mid lifecrisis an its phases help you to make an easier and smoother transition to accept this natural phase in your life.
It gives you time after a period of reflection to learn how to be and remain happy and healthy again. To fullfill your potential. So your life will be awesome. And you know: You can make your dreams come true.

Either you choose to be happy or you stay unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. It’s up to you.
But the fact is that most men have to go through the different stages of a midlife crisis (transition). The third stage is the phase where you want to live to the full, to frolick around. It usually comes after your anger.

You have the feeling you need an expensive car, a new outfit. You want to impress other women. Your are not interested in your wife. The grass looks much greener at the other side. You are constantly on the lookout and you may suddenly find yourself in an affair without realizing the consequences.
An affair makes you feel strong, handsome and experienced. You can still impress a younger woman. And she is really into you. She listens to you, gives you her full attention and wow! The sex is really something.
When you look at your friends and colleagues of the same age, you notice that your friend Hans is spending a lot of time in the pub. Robin quit and is looking for another job. He is thinking of emigrating to New Zealand and starting a business over there.
Actually you don’t care what they do. You have you own problems. At home they’d better be quiet, otherwise you might leave . After all, you are still bringing in the money every month.
It’s now ME time, you think. You want to live your life to the full before it’s too late.

Remember:this phase is also temporary. So just enjoy and don’t take irreversible decicions you will regret later.
And also remember it is never too late to start over again (with your wife) and be happy and healthy. To live your life to the full at any age.

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