It’s a transition in a men’s life.

Are you a man between 40 en 65 years?

Then you might be facing the male menopause, andropause and midlife crisis. Of course you and your buddies don’t talk about it. In fact it is a taboo, better talk about work, cars, women and football.

But the fact is, your testosterone goes down the drain. Less and less is made by your body. The decrease of your testosteron levels start in your late thirties. It gradually decreases with 1% per year.

You might start feeling different. Like women, men also encounter this phase in their life when their hormones start changing.

You will start noticing changes in your body.

  • The youthful spirit disappears, the belly will appear
  • It seems as if the muscles get somewhat less toned
  • Your hair becomes less or thinner
  • You wonder; what happened with my stamin
  • You might get easily annoyed, feel more tired, feel tense
  • And your focus seems awkward.

Besides that, there is a mental shift. Often thoughts pop up like:

  • Is this all there is? Why am I not happy with my life
  • Why am I not satisfied with the things I have?
  • Why do I have the feeling my life is over?
  • Do I need another wife, another job, a cool Harley Davidson.

Whatever that will get my old self back!

You just have not fully realized that this is just a phase in your life. The andropause is a fact of life, it is the normal aging process.

And fortunately you can do something about it! First of all.

  • Adjust your lifestyle
  • Eat healthy, drink less alcohol and exercise/move more
  • Try to find a balance between work and your private life
  • Take time to relax, but invest also time in your relationship and /or family.

Basically accept, that you are in the andropause.  Adjust your lifestyle and your vision of life.

Life will be much more pleasant and after adjusting your lifestyle you will feel much happier and vital.

Your life gets better during midlife. It is a transition period (midlife crisis). Midlife crisis and its stages help  you to make an  easier and  smoother transition,  to accept this natural stage in your life.

You will notice, that after a period of hardship and  reflection it enables you  to learn how to be and stay happy and healthy. To fullfill your potential. So your life will be awesome.  And you know: you can make your dreams come true.


Either you choose to be happy or you stay unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. It’s up to you.

What you do not want to accept yet  is that it is a natural process and part of life.

You might not be aware or might not know about this phase in your life, the so called midlife crisis.


Sometimes when you get up in the morning and you look in the mirror you think:

Who is this man? Do I know him? Is that me?

Suddenly you see wrinkles, a tired face, a declining hairline. And when you look down you see your belly is bulging. Your waistline is expanding.

You feel tired and stress most of the time. You are not eager to work on the job you have been doing for a long time.

In this period of denial you have a strong feeling of:

Now or never. It will be too late to do all the things on my bucket list.

You don’t want to talk about your feelings and denial, because for men that’s not done. And besides, men don’t have a midlife crisis or depression.

If you talk about it with your wife she will get upset. Your friends will laugh at you. Your doctor will give you anti-depressants or send you to  hospital for a medical check up. You might have a heart condition.

So you become withdrawn. And you are not very approachable for your wife and children. You are unresponsive.

But don’t worry. All of this is to let you understand you are still denying you are entering into a new phase. A transition period is starting.  And just so you know: soon you will enter the  second phase.

You will become very angry

But remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your life will be better after midlife crisis. often

Read about the different stages of your midlife crisis. Talk with your wife or a good friend about your feelings and thoughts. And you also can ask for professional help.

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