As we talked about in my previous blogs midlife is not the beginning of the end, but a new beginning in itself.

Your life gets better during midlife. It is a transition period (midlife crisis). Mid lifecrisis and its phases help you to make an easier and smoother transition, to accept this natural phase in your life.

After a period of hardship and reflection it enablesyou to learn how to be and stay happy and healthy. To fullfill your potential. So your life will be awesome. And you know: you can make your dreams come true.

Either you choose to be happy or you stay unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. It’s up to you.

So now you have passed the different stages of your midlife crisis. It may not have been easy. First your denial, then the anger. Maybe frolicking around. Going through your phase of depressive thoughts. Thinking there may be no alternative to the life you’re leading now. No more choices or opportunities. The feeling this is it for you in life. Too late to start something new.
And then at last there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your transition period seems to be over after all the hard work you have done the passed months or year(s).

You can now see the your life from a more realistic perspective. You understand that what happened happened for a reason. It turned you into the person you are now. And it enables you to make new choices. To start a different life full of opportunities.
At last you feel the sun is shining again. You can choose new goals in life, change your life if you want to. Find another job, emigrate, retire. Anything you want. You just have to choose it.
Now you feel grateful for all the things you have established .. You feel happy again with your wife or maybe you decided not to stay together and to go your separate ways. Because it is the best decision at this moment.
Also the hard work getting healthier through exercise and the healthy diet pays off. You feel like you are in you thirties. Like you can to take on the whole world.
Life is too short to dwell on the past: bad things that happened, things that went wrong, relationships that didn’t last.
Also look back on your midlife crisis as a valuable experience : all the emotions and hard times enabled you to go on and to choose a life with new goals and perspectives.

From now on you can think in terms of “ life gets better after midlife crisis”. There are so many things to choose from to be happy.

Have a great life. Be happy and healthy.

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